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Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Years of Experience In Pool Service and Repair

Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Expert Technicians 

Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Residential Pool Service

We continuously strive to excel in our industry and are consistently seeking innovative methods to better serve and surpass our customers’ requirements. Our expertise encompasses a range of services for both commercial and residential pools, including:

Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Commercial Pool Service

Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Pool Maintenance 

Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Pool Repair

Pool Care / Maintenance / Service

Indulge in your pool and spa this season without the hassle of cleaning, filter changes, or chemical level checks. Our maintenance pool service ensures you can simply relish in the beauty of crystal clear water.

  • Weekly or monthly services
  • Check and adjust chemicals as needed.
  • Skim the surface and vacuum.
  • Empty pool and pump baskets
  • Check water levels.
  • Brush walls and clean tiles
  • Perform cartridge filter cleaning or backwashing
  • Conduct equipment check      

Installation / Repair of Pool Equipment

Corinth Pool Care & Repair - Corinth TX

Looking to install new equipment? Interested in upgrading your current system? We’re also skilled at installing automated control systems. Our expertise covers a wide range of installations and repairs, including various systems and technical configurations

  • Heating Systems
  • Pumps and Motors
  • Saltwater Systems
  • Automation Controls
  • Timers
  • Filters
  • Lighting
  • Water Features

Additional Services For Pools & Spas

  • Repair Halogen and LED lights
  • Saltwater Conversion
  • Chlorine Conversion
  • Mobile Control and Automation
  • Algae Clean up
  • Acid Wash
  • Start-ups
  • Upgrades to Energy Efficient System
Corinth Pool Care Contractors - Corinth TX

Pool Service Just Became Easier

Our contractors provide pool service as well as repair

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Swimming Pool and SPA Maintenance


We conduct a thorough assessment of chemical levels in your spa/hot tub, ensuring optimal balance. Our services encompass:

  • Comprehensive equipment check for your spa/hot tub.
  • Precise cleaning of baskets and bags.
  • Regular maintenance activities including brushing, skimming, netting, and vacuuming.
  • Detailed examination of pump, filter, time clocks, and temperature settings.
  • Addition of chlorine/bromine tablets to the floater.
  • Appropriate introduction of chlorine and/or acid to the spa/hot tub.
Corinth Pool Service & Repair Contractors - Corinth TX

Explore our competitive maintenance schedules for both pool and spa upkeep. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

Corinth Pool Care Service & Repair Contractors - Commercial Service Corinth TX


Our comprehensive chemical assessment covers Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, and Cyanuric acid levels. We provide necessary liquid or tablet chlorine, bromine, or acid adjustments to maintain optimal chemical balance for your Pool/Spa.

  • We meticulously inspect and cleanse all Pool/Spa-related baskets and bags.
  • Thorough examination of the pump, motor, filter, time clock, and equipment ensures proper functionality.
  • Regular activities like skimming, netting, brushing, and vacuuming are conducted to uphold Pool/Spa cleanliness.
  • We promptly communicate any mechanical or chemical issues to the owner.
  • We also inform the owner about potential cost-effective enhancements in the Pool/Spa industry to ensure they stay up-to-date.

Experience meticulous care and informed upkeep for your Pool/Spa with our services.


  • Pool Chemical Services.
  • Skimmer Basket and Pump Cleansing
  • Detailed Equipment Inspections
Corinth Pool Service & Repair Contractors - Corinth TX

Chemical Services:

Establishing water balance is the initial crucial step in treating your pool or spa. This critical process ensures the effectiveness of subsequent sanitation steps while minimizing chemical usage. The key elements impacting water balance encompass calcium hardness, pH, and Total Alkalinity.

Our service representative will meticulously examine:
  • Alkalinity metrics
  • pH measurements
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Total Alkalinity levels
  • Chlorine or Bromine presence
  • Calcium hardness levels
  • Cyanuric acid (Conditioner) content
Corinth Pool Care and Repair Contractors - Corinth TX

We’ll guide you through the proper and safe methods of treating your water, ensuring optimal results.

Skimmer Basket & Pump cleansing:

The skimmer basket is a vital component of your filter system, designed as a perforated plastic piece resembling the interior of your skimmer. Its function is to collect debris; however, when the basket becomes full, it necessitates emptying to prevent potential harm. Neglecting to clear the skimmer basket may lead to detrimental effects on your swimming pool pump.

Maintaining your pool’s skimmer basket is straightforward and quick if done correctly. During the process, it’s essential to inspect both the skimmer and the basket visually. A damaged skimmer basket, with cracks or holes, can negatively impact the pump and filter system’s integrity. Find us on the web.

Corinth Pool Service & Repair Contractors - Corinth TX

To safeguard your pool system from damage, make it a practice to clean the skimmer basket weekly, as well as during other instances when necessary. For instance, after a storm, fallen leaves can clog the skimmers and disrupt pump suction. Regular maintenance prevents such issues and ensures efficient pool operation. For pool construction you can reachout to our sister company in Huntsville

Equipment Inspection:

Taking a proactive approach is paramount to guaranteeing your equipment operates in accordance with OEM specifications. At Executive Pool And Spa, we provide the following services:

  • Conduct scheduled inspections for pool/spa equipment.
  • Handle warranty replacements on your behalf.
  • Educate homeowners about maintaining equipment effectively and identifying signs of wear and tear.
Corinth Pool Service & Repair Contractors - Corinth TX

Explore our competitive maintenance schedules for both pool and spa upkeep. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

Pool Leak Detection - Choose Experts Wisely

When you’re in-ground pool is at risk from leaks, trust Swim Care Pool Service as your go-to technicians to safeguard your investment. Mitigate leak risks for your Corinth area pool with frequent inspections by top-tier pool contractors.

Pool Services: Reliable and Consistent Excellence

For top-notch and efficient pool service and repair in Corinth, turn to us at Swim Care Pool Services. We specialize in providing quality and consistent pool solutions. Our extensive range of offerings includes monthly pool maintenance, spa repair, pool remodeling, pool heater repair, and much more.

Explore Our Services At High Level

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Monthly Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Renovations
  • Filter Repairs
  • Pool Pump Repairs
  • Pool Pump Replacements
  • Pool Heater Repairs
  • Pool Tile & Coping Repairs 
  • Filter Replacement

Additional Offerings:

  • Pool Equipment Repairs
  • Pool Remodeling & Building with our Pool Partners
  • Water Chemistry Balancing
  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Spa Repair / Monthly Service
  • Pool Caulking & Tile Repair
  • Filter Cleanings


For a consistently clean and well-maintained pool system, it’s highly recommended to schedule weekly pool cleanings. Our monthly service plan offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces bacteria and harmful germs within the pool.
  • Ensures a consistently clean and radiant pool appearance.
  • Facilitates regular repair upkeep.
  • Maintains optimal functionality of filters and equipment.
  • Promotes long-term savings in both time and money.
  • Contributes to energy conservation by optimizing equipment performance.
  • Ensure the seamless operation of your pool pump with our dedicated pump repair service.
Corinth Pool Care Contractors Service and Repair - Corinth TX

What We Guarantee

We assure every customer of our unwavering reliability in all our services. Our consistent and steadfast commitment to delivering top-quality work sets us apart from other swimming pool service companies in Corinth. If you want to install pool enclosure you may contact one of our partners in Palm Harbor for pool enclosures<

We Do Highest Quality Work With Affordable Service

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Corinth Pool Care and Repair Contractors - Corinth TX


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